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  1. I have only recently come across the above class action, I been taking Bonsoy soy milk for many years and I think it must be why I am now (first diagnosed in June 2013 )suffering from type 1 Diabetes.

  2. I have been a drinker of BonSoy for the past 6 years. I have recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I would like to know more about joining the class action.

  3. yes I was drinking Bon Soy for many years & then developed recurring headaches fatigue , muscle cramps , hair & voice loss cold chills, nail breakage, loss of sleep & more. I work for myself s a fitness instructor & I had to give up my morning classes as I didn’t have the energy to get up.

    I went to a doctor for an eye & ear check up & was sent to have a thorough blood test & was found that my thyroid was enlarged & thyroid levels out, I had hypothyroidism & put on medication immediately,
    I am still on medication I still suffer from headaches, poor sleep & am vulnerable to colds & flus more often.

  4. I would like to join the class action group & would certainly like to know more about it thank you Ileana

  5. In the past 12 months I have been using Bonsoy in my breakfast serial. I also noticed during the past 8 months that my mouth felt really strange. I had a constant burning sensation in my mouth. I checked with my doctor who did full blood test but didn’t find anything majorly wrong. I checked with several dentists and changed toothpaste several times but the feeling didn’t go away. One day my skin from under my chest to my belly broke out in small rash. The rash was not itchy but the skin felt rough and it is still there. I also felt that my scalp has been unusually dry and scabby. I may have lost some hair, although my hair is pretty short so I can’t say for sure. Yesterday I made a decision to eliminate Bonsoy from my diet and today I already feel different. I need to speak to someone to make sure that the level of Iodine in the new Bonsoy does not still cause harm. It may just be that some people are allergic to even acceptable level of iodine. Please call me on 0407 753958 to discuss further. Thank you

  6. I missed the cut off for the Maurice Blackburn class action group and would like to know if there is a second round of class action with another law firm? I was aware of the Bonsoy lawsuit but not the specifics of excess iodine causing hyperthyroidism which I was diagnosed with in 2007. Thank you.

  7. Hi Terri, the level of iodine in Bonsoy has apparently been safe since being reformulated in 2010. If you eliminated Bonsoy and your health is now better, I’d think that’s a good indication your body doesn’t like. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the formulation now, just that you ought not drink it.

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